5 image banks

The 5 best image banks for your creativities

5 image banks you should know


An image bank is a website where you can buy or download royalty-free (creative commons) photographs, backgrounds, videos, vectors or drawings for free. In other words, they are free images without copyright that photographers or designers make available to the public so that they can be used on websites, social networks or articles for non-commercial purposes.

It is good to know multiple image banks. Below we are going to make a selection of our 5 favourite image banks so that you can search for photos that suit your content best.


  • Pexels

Image bank that offers high quality photos that do not require registration and can be downloaded for free.


  • Unsplash

On Unsplash you can find a wide variety of royalty-free, stylish, contemporary and quality photographs. No registration is required. A negative point is its popularity, as you may find photos like yours uploaded on other websites.


  • Freepik

Another great image bank based in Malaga with a large selection of content consisting of photographs, PSDs, illustrations and vectors.


  • Pixabay

With over a million free images to download. Pixabay is an image bank created to share photos, illustrations, vector graphics, film footage and music, exclusively under the Pixabay custom licence, which generally allows free use of the material with some restrictions.


  • Picography

Picography stands out for the originality and artistic quality of its images, their high resolution and quick and easy download process.


The importance of images in e-commerce

Using quality images to present our products on the web is very important, as it can make the difference between providing credibility and arousing the interest of someone who access our website, or make this user simply moving on in another direction. A company that wants to sell its products online must take into account that having the information and the product description accompanied by a good picture is the only way to approach the end consumer.

In the world of e-commerce, quality photography is essential to differentiate our product from the competition so that our potential consumer perceives it as unique, with a special value between all the search results. For this reason, image banks are often of great importance in this type of online business, as sometimes the necessary equipment to obtain high quality images is not available to do it yourself. Image banks allow us to obtain these photographs at a low cost.


5 image banks


Below we are going to give some tips that you should apply if you wish to have a successful e-commerce:

  • First of all, think that for the costumers, your website is a window to your shop, so it must be well cared for. Good aesthetics and product photography care will be decisive to get the consumer’s attention so that they do not leave our website.
  • Sensations also play a key role when it comes to choosing one product over another. How can we transmit a sensation online? Through the colour palette, the style of the images or what they evoke.
  • “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Posting several images of your product from different perspectives and adding a bit of description is better than fewer images and a lot of text.
  • Let’s not forget a good SEO and SEM strategy.
  • Finally, visual search. A new trend in online search that consists of the consumer uploading a photo of the product they want and the search engine will show them products similar to it. Just like Leens on Google Images, where, based on a photo, the platform searches for more information and offers places to find it.


What kind of images can we use in e-commerce?

There are many types of images that can be used in an online shop. From Supermedia Studio, we are going to classify some of them:

  • Product photography.
  • Still life photography. It is used to express sensations and not so much to define the characteristics of the product. Some examples would be the winter clothing collection of a clothing brand or the menu with the new dishes of a restaurant menu.
  • Corporate photography. Images of the company’s working environment that humanise the brand.
  • Photography of the website itself. A good image in the home page, in the header or a dynamic slider are essential to transmit professionalism to the client.


We hope our tips on how to create creative content for your communication channels have been useful. If you wish more tips on digital marketing, we invite you to follow our posts at Supermedia Studio, marketing agency in Marbella.