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Well after many busy long years “40+ to be exact· living in the UK with mixed weather and low temperatures every time I had the opportunity I would be on a flight to Europe. ltaly was always amazing but Spain just had something even more special about it.

There is nothing like the feeling of paradise, warm temperatures almost all year, healthy clean sea air to flush all the UK pollutants out of my body and the Fresh fruits to keep the body looking good. “Well, l’ll try’’. The airport at Malaga always looks like new and gives you very fast transportation opportunities across the whole of the Costa Del Sol. With only a 35minute taxi ride you arrive into the Beautiful area or Marbella which is one of Spain’s premier tourist locations.

The old town dates back to Roman times, along with two towers and the castle walls that bear witness to the presence of the Arabs. Every street has a collection of fresh flowers in beautiful bright colorful pots that make the walking always feel like you are somewhere magical and special. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, never in a rush with a very ‘mañana, mañana’ (tomorrow, tomorrow) way of life. There is one view every day I pass on the highway that just makes me feel good and smile, this of course you just cannot missis the Sierra Blanc mountain range and its highest peak of 1200metres called La Concha. It’s just simply stunning the way the sun light hits the rocks and the clouds produce shadows and different shapes all over its vast size. “One day I will go to the top·.

Since the start of the pandemic Marbella has seen a huge change in tourism with the property market still booming delivering great investments and lots of other European and 3″‘ countries like myself “UK” people looking to work online from home in a better climate and in a non-stressful relaxed environment with space around. One thing is important! living and doing business here is to use the right companies for the right job and keep everything correct and legal as there are always many people offering services that are not the best. Do you research thoroughly and don’t gel talked into paying less as this will always have a negative outcome? I know the Welex company are one of the leading legal & accountancy businesses located in Marbella and have a history of delivering what is required and more for an affordable cost.

Having spent a few years now living here, after gaining residency just before the Brexit cut off. I was looking for something unique to invest in that would help Marbella become an even more standout location not just in Spain but in Europe and internationally plus bring some income in for me. “After all that’s why l’m here”.



The key moment to this idea came whilst on a Hot Air Balloon flight in another country. The problem is that although the experience was absolutely amazing it took up many hours of the day and you finished at a very different location to the starting point. With a little research I found a European certified company who builds bespoke Tethered Helium balloons which carry 30 people in a basket up to 150meters high for 10miuntes, landing back on exactly same point you took off from. “Finally, a solution”. Now this could be located in Marbella it would be the ultimate touristic ride. The views from a height of 150metres of La Concha mountain, Marbella, Puerto Banús & across the Mediterranean Sea where you can see as far as Morocco and Gibraltar would be outstanding and a great memory of Marbella for tourists of all ages. Working closely with Marbella Ayuntamiento and other partners the investment is in place and the project has been given the green light.

“Hope to see you sometime during June 2022 for our first flight”.

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