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Due to the COVID crisis, restaurants and cafeterias had to take many hygiene and prevention measures. For example, menus went from their traditional paper version to digital documents that appear on our smartphones through QR codes. It was a necessary step to make people prevent contact with objects touched by many others. Indeed, we talk … Read more

Influencer marketing: How to build your strategy


  Traditional marketing tactics are losing their effectiveness. Today’s consumers conduct in-depth research before making purchases. Brands need marketing strategies that help them gain the trust of their consumers. Influencer marketing is one such approach that can help you gain the trust of your audience while generating a high return on investment. An influencer’s audience … Read more

Google Analytics for Business


    Google Analytics for business in Spain   Google Analytics is a free web analysis tool from Google. It provides aggregated information on traffic to websites according to audience, acquisition, behaviour and conversions that take place on the website. This is one of the most widely used tools in digital marketing. It has two … Read more