Social networks for business, why are they important?

Social networks have revolutionised the day-to-day life of the world’s population, gaining practically all their attention. According to IAB Spain, 85% of people who use the Internet, aged 16-70, have social networks.


We now find out about news, or see products and promotions on a screen rather than physically. It is a constant and instantaneous source of communication between people and businesses of all kinds. Given this popularity, companies have been able to identify this as a new business opportunity and struggle to have an online presence and position themselves.


Social networks are the channel to interact and communicate with customers, attract potential customers and publicise your products and/or services in order to increase your sales.


What are the most used social networks by companies?



It is the most used social network in the world. Its options include the possibility of creating a company page on which to distribute and promote content, thus increasing the visibility of your brand.



Although it was not initially considered a social network, Youtube is a great channel of communication between companies and the public that allows them to interact and share videos.



Focused on visual content, it has a great reach through the use of hashtags.



This is the most used social network for professionals. A perfect channel for expanding business relationships and contacting experts in your sector.



This is the most widespread social network for disseminating news and updates. It uses short, direct messages to attract the customer’s attention.


Tik Tok

This is the latest trend in social networking. It has been a huge success especially among young people because of its video selfies. Tik Tok offers you a perfect opportunity to spread content in a creative and fun way that entertains your potential customers.


Reasons why a company should have social networks


Promote your business on social media

Advertising on social media provides greater impact and visibility. The advantage is that it allows you to reach a massive number of people at low cost. In fact, it is possible to segment the audience of your campaigns according to location, gender, profession, interests, hobbies or depending on the objective sought.


Improve brand radius

Social media reach can range from local, national or international depending on the marketing power of the company. It is recommended to allocate a small marketing budget to the social media strategy to encourage this boost.


Increase interaction with your target audience 

Sharing content to make your company better known so that people gain trust with the brand, is the first step in building customer loyalty.


Higher SEO rankings

Frequent posting of content can bring traffic to your website, which results in better search engine rankings.


Improve your online reputation

By generating positive feedback about your online presence, you can increase your business opportunities.


Customer service 

The continuous interaction that social networks allow is the perfect opportunity to establish a constant brand-customer communication to achieve customer loyalty.


Increase your company’s sales

Drive traffic to your website so that customers can see your products and/or services.


Actions to improve your company’s presence on social networks:



These are influencers who have no more than 10,000 followers but are highly specialised in a particular sector. Reaching them can be a good strategy to raise awareness of your brand and gain the trust of new customers.


Create audiovisual content

Video is the most dynamic and effective way to attract attention and reach your audience.


Streaming and real-time interactions

Sharing the day-to-day life of your organisation and the people who are part of it generates a lot of trust that will help you gain more followers interested in your company. Don’t forget to encourage communication through chat and instant messaging while you are live.


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