How to remove Google My Business reviews in Spain

How to remove Google My Business reviews for your business in Spain


If your business in Spain has negative reviews on Google My Business, in this article, our Marbella Marketing experts will explain some possible ways to remove reviews from Google My Business. Having negative reviews is something that can significantly affect the reputation of your business.


Fortunately, having a negative review is not necessarily a definitive thing. Google is aware that many of these reviews are unfounded or are the work of competitors, which is why it provides users with a number of tools to help them make complaints. Let’s see how it works.


How to remove Google My Business reviews


Why remove negative reviews from Google My Business in Spain?


The vast majority of people who use the internet regularly look at the reviews that other users leave on businesses. In order to know what to expect or get a similar experience, a negative review can discourage anyone from using the services of a certain company.

If you are looking for a photographer in Marbella for your wedding and on the professional’s Google My Business you find comments that they offer bad experiences or that they are not competent in their profession, you will probably end up looking for another professional.


How to remove reviews from Google my Business in Spain?


Working well and providing good customer service is the main way to avoid negative reviews, but this is not always the case. Some reviews are caused by misunderstandings or are carried out covertly by competitors in order to gain customers.

Therefore, our marketing agency in Marbella points out that no matter how hard you try to get good reviews on Google, you will receive an unfavourable Google review at some point. The first step in removing negative Google reviews in Spain is to contact the person who wrote the review.


Contacting the person who wrote the review in Google


Contacting the user and asking them to modify the review or remove it is one option. This option may not be as straightforward, as when the review is fake it is impossible to contact the customer in question.


However, if you are able to contact them via social media or any other method, you may be able to better understand the reason for the review and try to resolve the issue further.


Our marketing expert in Spain advises you to do some research on the user to see how old they are or if they have posted other kinds of reviews. If you still suspect that it is a fake review, you will have to go for other options.


Flag the Google review as inappropriate


This is one of the ways to bring the problem with the review to Google’s attention. Fortunately, it is possible to reply to the customer, either to defend yourself against the accusation or to inform them that you really do not know their name among your customers.

Once you have responded to the review by stating that it is false, you can mark the review as inappropriate and then just wait for Google to act.


Contacting Google Spain directly


As you can imagine, Google has millions of requests every day, so they are often overwhelmed. This directly affects the time it can take to verify the veracity of the previous review you flagged as inappropriate.


If you don’t want to wait or think it takes too long, our SEO expert in Spain advises you to try contacting Google directly via their contact form. Explain in detail the reason for the contact and the basis of the allegations and Google may take action. The outcome is not guaranteed, but if Google Spain finds any indication that the account that posted the review is fake, they will have no qualms about removing that account and with it all reviews.

In the same way that Google is not interested in a negative review that is a lie, it is not interested in an unfounded positive review either.


Get more positive reviews on Google


If none of the above options work, the best thing to do is to try to hide the fake review with several positive reviews.


Incentivise your customers to leave a review of your business, and this way no one will care if you have one negative review, but a hundred positive ones. The problem is more serious when negative reviews are the only ones that dominate Google My Business, so positive reviews can help you enough.


We hope that from now on you will give your Google My Business listing the importance it deserves, as it is your letter of introduction to future customers. Contact our digital marketing agency in Spain. Our SEO experts in Marbella, will advise you to boost your business by working on local SEO.


Advertising on TikTok Ads

From Supermedia Studio, marketing agency Marbella, we explain in detail what is Tiktok, how advertising advertising on Tiktok ads work and the types of ads that can be made on this platform. Keep reading!


What is TikTok Ads


TikTok Ads is a platform belonging to the social network TikTok, which allows you to create ads for brands or users. Today, TikTok is one of the most popular social networks among the young public, whose notoriety has been positioned at 53% during 2020, according to the IAB Spain Social Network Study 2021 report.


Given this data, it is not surprising that companies are very interested in having a presence on this platform to publicise their brand through advertisements on TikTok.


Advertising on TikTok Ads


Types of ads on Tik Tok


First of all, we must know what type of ad can be created on TikTok Ads.


Brand Takeover. A 3-5 second video or GIF that appears on the user’s screen when they open the application. This type of ad can have a link to an external page or to a challenge in the application itself. By using the full screen format, maximum exposure is achieved. This type of TikTok ad usually aims to increase brand exposure.


In-feed ads. This is the default format. As on other platforms, the user can browse TikTok and see what other people are posting. It is a 15-second video, usually with background music, accompanied by a CTA and a link pointing to an external page.


Hashtag challenge. This type of ad is based on creating a challenge for users to share with a specific hashtag, making it viral. The application offers brands the possibility of sponsoring their challenges. In this way, the brand’s challenge is placed on the discovery page for six days, offering the opportunity for maximum reach and engagement.


Brand Effect. The options on TikTok are extensive, ranging from facial filters to animated objects with which the user can radically change their environment. In this way, with Branded Lenses, users interact with the brand by using their filters. By integrating Branded Lenses with a Hashtag Challenge, the link between the brand and the user is promoted.


Topview: This is a new advertising format based on videos that appear on the user’s screen when opening the application. The difference between Top View and Brand Takeover is that in this new model it is possible to use videos.


As you can see, the ads are aimed to generate maximum interaction with the brand. It is advisable to test beforehand if you are wanting to gain conversions. In addition, TikTok has the advantage that you don’t need a business account like on Facebook to advertise.


Advertising on tiktok ads


Creating ads on TikTok, says our Sem experts in Marbella, is very easy and intuitive if you are familiar with other forms of advertising.


First, you need to define the objective of the campaign. Then it’s time to segment the target audience, set a budget, design and publish the ad and finally track it.


Campaign objective


It is very important to consider what the commercial objectives of the campaign are: attracting traffic to your website, gaining visibility, generating sales, etc.


We can classify 3 types of objectives in TikTok advertising campaigns:



It is related to awareness-raising, to gain notoriety for your brand by showing it to as many people as possible in order to differentiate it from the competition. This objective is the most suitable if your brand is new and you want to make it known so that it can have a higher reach and build trust within potential customers.



This objective is more recommended if your brand is already known. You sure want the customers to keep your brand in mind and search for information about it. In this case, you can bring traffic to your website, increase video views or generate visits to the app shop.



If conversions are your goal, TikTok ads will encourage users to take specific actions on your website such as registering for a form, subscribing to your newsletter or making a purchase.


As time goes on and your business grows, your goals will change as well. We recommend that you choose the one that best suits your business and your goals.


How to select the target audience for TikTok ads


TikTok gives you the option to target by gender, age, location, interests, behaviour or device from where users connect. In other words, it allows you to create a customized audience based on your business objectives.




It is important that you set a budget beforehand depending on the type of ad you are going to use. The account will ask you to set a budget that can be daily, monthly or total for the campaign. It is still possible to adjust or pause your ad spend at any time.


Design and publish your ad


Once all the above points have been defined, it is time to create the ad itself.

To do this, you can use TikTok’s own video creation tool or use your own videos and images. Once you’re ready to publish, TikToK Ads Manager’s intelligent auction system will make sure your ad reaches the right audience at the right time.


Measure and manage


Use the application’s own tools to track the performance of your ads, and to correct possible errors and optimise your campaigns.


In SuperMedia Studio we hope that the tips of our social media experts in Marbella will be useful to give a new focus to boost your brand and open the doors to new markets.


Contact the social media professionals of our marketing agency in Marbella so that we can give you more tips!

ecommerce para emprendedores

Ecommerce for business: PrestaShop or WooCommerce?

If you are asking yourself this question, it is because you are planning to launch an online shop for your business. Now is the time to consider which one best suits your business needs and your customer experience. In the blog of Supermedia Studio, marketing agency in Marbella, we inform you about the best ecommerce for business and the differences between them.

Ecommerce for business: What are the differences between PrestaShop and WooCommerce?

The main difference between PrestaShop and WooCommerce is that PrestaShop is a content management system (CMS) in its own right and WooCommerce is a plugin that can be integrated into the WordPress CMS. With its installation, WP becomes a complete ecommerce. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, read on if you want to discover the functionalities and advantages of this plugin.

As we told you in our previous post Why use WordPress for your business website, WordPress is currently used in more than 76 million websites, compared to 250,000 users who use PrestaShop. This number is growing exponentially among online retail businesses.


Online shop with Prestashop and WooCommerce

Compared to its previous versions, PrestaShop has greatly improved its interface and nowadays we could say that its configuration options and general administration of the shop are easy to handle. However, if you already know WordPress, Woocommerce will be much easier to learn.

It is also true that if your online shop is going to contain many products, PrestaShop may be easier to import them in bulk, as this CMS was born with the purpose of being exclusively an online shop, and this in certain aspects makes it easier for us.


SEO positioning with Prestashop and WooCommerce

As our SEO experts in Marbella have said, you already know that organic positioning is essential if you want your website to be visible and relevant on the Internet. SEO requires constant work and a lot of dedication, so using a CMS that makes the task a little easier is always going to be a positive point.

In this case, WordPress has the Yoast SEO plugin, the most widely used due to its ease of use and its features, both paid and free.

Prestashop, on the other hand, includes a traffic and SEO section in the online shop parameters. Here you can create the title and meta description of the pages, while that of the products can be done from a tab within its own configuration.


Payments and invoicing with Prestashop and WooCommerce

As for payments, both work in a similar way, as they include the most commonly used payment methods in Spain: bank transfer, credit or debit card and PayPal, among others. There are more differences when it comes to invoicing, as Woocommerce has to use a plugin for this.

As we can see, as Prestashop is a CMS dedicated to online sales, it includes some integrated improvements that facilitate the processes.


Advantages and disadvantages of PrestaShop as an ecommerce for business.


Numerous applications/integrations available
Strong SEO
Very flexible open source code
Large community willing to help


Somewhat slower than other platforms
Sometimes too many plugins needed
Few marketing integrations
Web development skills needed to make modifications


Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress for ecommerce


WordPress is the best platform for SEO
Access from a single plugin
Large number of WordPress experts available
Highly customisable
Many marketing options


Good hosting can be expensive
Virtually no technical support
Need extensions for simple things


On balance, our Marbella web design experts conclude that WordPress is easier to use, while PrestaShop already has more features by default. Ultimately, it all depends on the needs of your online shop and the sales capacity you are forecasting.

From Supermedia Studio, experts in digital marketing Marbella, we recommend that you put yourself in the hands of our experts in web development and online sales before making your decision. Remember that we are a marketing agency in Marbella, but thanks to the Internet we can work with you wherever you are, contact us!

Working as a Community Manager in Spain

Are you thinking about working as a community manager? Our marketing agency in Marbella, has professional experts in the sector, who will explain in detail what their role consists of.


Working as a Community Manager


What is a Community Manager in Spain?

The Community Manager is a digital marketing professional responsible for the management and development of the online community of a brand or company in the digital world. He or she is popularly known as the social media professional.

Their function is to create and maintain stable and lasting relationships with their clients, their fans and, in general, with any user interested in the brand.


What does a Community Manager do?

If you want to work as a community manager in Marbella, you first need to know what they do:

Creation and management of content on social networks.
Optimising brand visibility in the digital world.
Generate quality web traffic that increases conversions.
Establishing relationships with clients, opinion leaders and influencers in the sector.
Analytics and monitoring of all strategic parameters. Engagement, ROI, web traffic, etc.
Planning the digital marketing strategy on social networks.
Establish and record the number of visits to the landing page as a result of the management of the networks.


Functions of a Community Manager in Spain

Supermedia Studio, experts in social media in Marbella, explains the main functions and characteristics of a community manager:

Paying attention to the corporate environment

The community manager in Spain, must detect the opportunities and threats of the environment and pay attention to the competition to use this information both internally to the brand and to the users.


Communicate relevant information to the company

The CM transfers the information previously collected to the different departments in order to carry out the different strategies (sales, design or marketing, among others).


Communicating with the online community

The community manager is the voice of the brand online. Therefore, he/she is responsible for attracting visitors, disseminating content and responding to any situation that may arise on social networks.


Identify opinion leaders

A CM has to know how to identify and create links with people or groups that have the capacity to drive dissemination strategies.


Converting users into ambassadors

The community manager must be aware of which are the users who interact most with the brand in order to contact them and establish a possible collaboration network, and thus turn them into brand ambassadors. Follow the actions established in the marketing plan to ensure the success of the strategy.


What skills do you need to work as a community manager


The functions of a community manager are essential for a brand so it is necessary to have specific training and skills to work as a community manager correctly and professionally.



They must have the communication skills to be able to respond appropriately to comments, criticisms and questions that may arise, as well as impeccable spelling and grammar.



The most requested training for these professionals is: Degree or training in marketing, communication, advertising and public relations.



The tasks a CM will perform will depend on the size of the company. In general, they will simultaneously perform tasks ranging from conversion generation strategies, to text editing, content production, graphic design, copywriting, editing, etc.



This is one of the fundamental skills in this profession, as the community manager in Spain usually has to be available to attend to the brand outside the established working hours.



A professional community manager must be passionate about communication, willing to be in permanent contact with the public and act as a bridge between the company and the environment.


Community Manager Methodology in Spain

Like all digital marketing professionals, the figure of the community manager requires a correct methodology to implement:



Acting in good faith, having good judgement, maintaining a professional stance with no intention of harming another company or person.


Good practices

Applying all the actions of the different documents that include the good practices of the community manager.


Style guide

It is essential for each brand to have its own tone and not assume that of the community manager. That is to say, to have and follow a style guide that reflects the tone of the messages that are going to be used, the types of fonts, the graphic style, the type of language, etc.


From Supermedia Studio, marketing agency Marbella, we hope we have shed a ray of light on the importance of the figure of the community manager and that you decide to have one of these professionals to boost your business on social networks.

Contact our marketing agency in Malaga and we will advise you on everything you need.

Social Media for Business in Spain

Social Media for Business in Spain

The importance of social media for business today can be summed up in one sentence: according to IAB Spain, 85% of Internet users, aged 16-70, have social networks.

Nowadays we find out about news, or see products and promotions before we see them on a screen than physically. It is a constant and instantaneous source of communication between people and businesses of all kinds. Given this popularity, companies have been able to identify this new business opportunity in social networks and struggle to have an online presence and position themselves.

Our social media experts in Marbella, define social media as the channel to interact and communicate with the customer, attract potential customers and publicise your products and / or services in order to increase your sales.

The most used social media channels for business in Spain


Our marketing agency in Marbella, Supermedia Studio, has prepared a list of the most used social media channels in Spain:



It is the most used social network in the world. Its options include the possibility of creating a company page on which to distribute and promote content, in order to increase the visibility of your brand.


Although it was not initially considered a social network, Youtube is a great channel of communication between companies and the public that allows them to interact and share videos.


Focused on visual content, it has a great reach when using hashtags.


This is the social network par excellence for professionals. A perfect channel for expanding business relationships and contacting experts in your sector.


This is the most widespread social medium for disseminating news and updates. It uses short, direct messages to attract the customer’s attention.

Tik Tok

This is the latest trend in social networking. It has been a huge success especially among young people because of its video selfies. Tik Tok offers you a perfect opportunity to spread content in a creative and fun way that entertains your potential customers.


Advantages of social media for business


Promote your business on social media in Spain

Advertising on social networks provides greater impact and visibility. The advantage is that it allows you to reach a massive number of people at a low cost. In fact, it is possible to segment the audience of your campaigns according to location, gender, profession, interests, hobbies or depending on the objective sought.


Improve brand radius

Social media reach can range from local, national or international depending on the marketing power of the company. It is recommended to allocate a small marketing budget to the social media strategy to encourage this boost.


Increase interaction with your target audience

Sharing content to raise awareness of your company and to build trust with the brand is the first step in building customer loyalty.


Improve SEO in Spain

Frequent posting of content can bring traffic to your website, which leads to better search engine rankings.


Improve your online reputation

By generating positive feedback about your online presence, you can increase your business opportunities.


Customer service

The continuous interaction that social networks allow is the perfect opportunity to establish a constant brand-customer communication to achieve customer loyalty.


Increase your company’s sales

Drive traffic to your website so that customers can see your products and/or services.


Social Media strategies for business in Spain



These are influencers who have no more than 10,000 followers but are highly specialised in a particular sector. Reaching them can be a good strategy to make your brand known and gain the trust of new customers.


Create audiovisual content

Video is the most dynamic and effective way to get attention and reach your audience.


Streaming and real-time interactions

Sharing live the day-to-day life of your organisation and the people who are part of it generates a lot of trust that will gain you more followers interested in your company. Don’t forget to encourage communication through chat and instant messaging.


At SuperMedia Studio we are experts in social media management for both companies and individuals. Do not hesitate to contact our marketing agency in Marbella to create your social media strategy, we will be happy to help you!