Branding Agency in Marbella: Specialised in creation of brand strategies

When consumers think of your product, what do you want them to have in mind? At Supermedia Studio, branding agency in Marbella, the heart of the Costa del Sol, we understand brand power as an intangible element of great value for a company regardless of its sector or size.

The brand strategy consists of the implementation of different actions that are intended, at first, to lay the foundations for the construction of the brand identity and after that, to develop and maintain this identity.

Powerful brands

The brand identity of your company should represent the essence of its main activity, focused on combining both corporate values and the characteristic elements of its target audience.

In order to create a powerful brand, it is necessary to establish a global strategy that includes both short and long-term objectives. It should also include the actions that must be done to achieve this objective, which results must be analyzable.

branding agency in marbella
branding agency in marbella


In a market where consumers are constantly impacted by advertising, their expectations increase. A well-designed and applied strategy will ensure that our brand is considered as the only valid option that meets your target audience wishes and needs.

At Supermedia Studio we turn your brand into a powerful brand by implementing an extensive battery of changes depending on the characteristics of the company:

  1. Corporate Copywriting
  2. SEO onpage y offpage
  3. Creation and management of corporate image in social networks
  4. Design and maintenance of promotional campaigns
  5. Creation of graphic elements

If, conversely, you want to create a new brand, our marketing study will pay close attention to the following actions by providing a comprehensive marketing service in Spain:

  1. Definition of corporate values.
  2. Creation of attractive logos
  3. Establishment of corporate colors
  4. Design of Corporate Identity Dossier
  5. Diseño y programación web adaptada y funcional
  6. Corporate Copywriting
  7. SEO onpage y offpage
  8. Creation and management of corporate image in social networks
  9. Design and maintenance of promotional campaigns
  10. Creation of graphic elements

From Supermedia Studio we will be happy to help you on any question related to your company’s brand strategy, whatever your initial situation. Our team of Marketing professionals in Spain are specialized in creating brand strategies for companies with both national and international profiles.

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