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At Supermedia Studio, your agency specialised in graphic design in Marbella, have a team of  graphic professionals with years of experience. Traditionally, the method used by companies when faced with the need to increase turnover has consisted of hiring a greater number of sales representatives. This method is not effective if the brand image you are trying to convey is not the same as that of your competitors.

How can you differentiate your company from your competitors in a highly visual world where consumers are increasingly demanding? One solution is to opt for an innovative graphic design that unifies all communication channels under the same brand image.

What is Graphic Design?

When we talk about graphic design, we refer to a great technical and creative discipline that aims to promote services, products or brands through graphic elements. Graphic Design works together with many other disciplines and, at the same time, performs perfect autonomously.

Graphic design uses images, videos or textual elements to convey messages visually. Therefore, we can say that graphic design is closely linked with other key corporate elements such as communication and marketing. Graphic design is responsible for translating the communicative ideas established in the online strategy into various media. This boosts the value of the companies that choose to incorporate this discipline in their communication strategy.

Graphic Design in Marbella
Graphic Design in Marbella

Branding and Corporate Identity in Marbella

The unity and coherence in all the graphic elements of a business is the key to building a brand identity in the minds of your audience. Everything related to your business must convey coherence and awaken the same feelings on any channel. Let’s illustrate a simple example: If you think of the Coca-Cola brand, what color crosses your mind? If you have thought about the color red, now you understand the importance of design as an articulating element of the corporate image.

Packaging Design

Each product must necessarily be wrapped in its own brand image through a creative and innovative design.

All the elements of your product packaging, from the color to the curvature of the design images, must be fully adapted to both the global strategy and the particular specifications of each product.

graphic design agency marbella

In motion creations

Most of the elements that surround us daily are in motion, in your business it shouldn’t be less. At Supermedia Studio we are specialists in creating corporate and promotional videos in 1080 AND 4K.

What are the skill of a good graphic designer?

Today, the growing need of companies for graphic design has led to an increase in experts dedicated to it. However, a true graphic designer, such as the one Supermedia Studio has, has a series of characteristics that determine the quality of the final result.

A good graphic designer must know how to listen to his clients to be able to capture the ideas that they transmit to him. So he is able to transfer their ideas to the graphic world through stunning, unique and trendy designs, helped by one of the best graphic design tools on the market.

From Supermedia Studio we have a team of graphic designers who bring together these and many other characteristics. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding the Marketing of your company in Spain. Contact us now for any query regarding graphic design, branding and packaging design and in motion creations.

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