Social Media Management in Marbella: Specialised Agency

At Supermedia Studio, your digital marketing agency in Marbella, we are specialists in community management services and social media management in Marbella.

The main objective of a company that sells products or services is usually to increase sales. The first step to getting quality clients for your business is to establish a communication strategy. This should achieve brand recognition by its target customers.

To reach your final customer and get their attention, it is necessary to be an active part in their daily environment. It is unusual to find people that do not have social networks. This shows it is essential to have an online presence through corporate Social Media.

Engagement strategy

Social networks are a key part of our day to day. The basis of social networks’ behaviour are:

 Share     Comment      Compare

At Supermedia Studio we personalize Social Media strategies for each brand, providing a complete action plan to achieve the objetive of generating engagement with your target audience.

social media management in Marbella
social media management in Marbella

Content Creation

Content is the clue of marketing. Producing and sharing content that generates interest in your target audience can increase traffic to your website exponentially, as well as influence other aspects such as strengthening your corporate image.
It is important to define what content you want to share with your target audience and for what purpose. So, if you want to publicize your brand among users in different online communities, you need to focus your efforts on brand content. However, if you want to show the services or products that you provide, it will be necessary to establish a product based content strategy.

Community Management

Our Social media team will manage all the company’s accounts on the different platforms, always following the corporate strategy and brand identity. We also know that each social network has its own personality, so in Supermedia Studio we know that it is necessary to adapt the message to the characteristics of each channel.

social media marbella


We create and customize your company’s profiles on social networks so they suit your digital corporate strategy. Always with an aesthetic and designs according to the brand and the audience it is addressed to. Supermedia Studio is a leader in advice, design, development and management of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

You would be surprised at how quickly a comment on a social network can lead to a corporate crisis. At Supermedia Studio we have expertes specialized in online crisis management capable of foreseeing and anticipating such situations, minimizing the impact and even transforming apparently negative circumstances into opportunities to reinforce the corporate image.

Social networks have become a channel in which many companies exclusively develop their economic activity, so it is necessary to understand them not only as a leisure source but as corporate platforms, at the same level of importance as websites.

At Supermedia Studio, your marketing agency specialized in Social Media in Marbella, we understand this aspect of social media and we work daily to achieve excellence.

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