Marketing agency specialized in SEM Positioning in Spain

Supermedia Studio, leading marketing company in Marbella, is formed by a group of Internet Consultants with extensive knowledge in Search Marketing and with experience in managing web portals in competitive markets.

At Supermedia Studio we are aware that one of the main business objectives in terms of marketing is to have a solid brand image that allows to spend the minimum resources in promotions, positioning itself as the first option in the consumer’s mind. Unfortunately, your competitors have that strategy too.

In a competitive market where the possibilities of discovering new companies by consumers are limited due to the characteristics of the competitors. One of the necessary actions to achieve this objective is to invest in SEM positioning, in order to get your target audience to know your product quickly.

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing, better known as SEM, is a marketing element characterized by the establishment of strategies and tools in order to optimize the visibility of your website through search engines such as Google, Yahoo! Or Bing.

SEM strategy is extremely relevant when it comes to obtaining immediate results with the launch of a new product or brand, since it allows you to publicize your product on a large scale with a wide segmentation of the target audience. A well-optimized SEM campaign guarantees quality visitors to your website.

Google Adwords

Supermedia Studio has a team of experts certified by Google as experts in strategy design and campaign development in Google Adwords.
A PPC strategy adapted to your business and the situation of the market in which it is located guarantees an increase in the number of visits to the web. This can be translated into higher conversions and purchases within it.

Why should your company advertise with Google Adwords?

Because your Ad will reach the right person at the right time. Google Ads are based on the use of keywords and interests. For this reason,

they reach potential customers at the moment in which they do a search through these keywords. Just when they have the need for your product.

2. Because it is the perfect reinforcement to your SEO

SEO and SEM strategies are complementary, increasing results in one produces a beneficial effect in the other. They both contribute to the same goal: increasing quality visits to your website. When we talk about SEO we refer to a long-term strategy, while the results of the SEM are appreciated in a short period of time.

3. Because you only pay for results

The great advantage of Google Ads is their billing method. This platform is based on a cost-per-click method, so your company only pays each time a user interacts with any of your ads.

Ads in Google Ads allow you to segment your audience based on location, among other factors. So you can decide the geographic scope in which you will launch your ads, both locally and globally.

4. Because it is measurable and flexible

Google Adwords is based on precise measurement and analysis tools, so you can know what is happening with your Ads. You can modify your Ads or the budget allocated to them according to the obtained results.

5. Because it can reach different audiences

Google Ads allow you to segment your audience based on location, age… among others.

So you can also decide the geographic scope in which you will launch your ads, both locally and globally.

Why to choose Supermedia Studio?

Google Adwords is a highly complex tool that requires knowledge in different professional fields.

What differentiates Supermedia Studio, your marketing agency in Marbella, is that we have certificates issued by Google that guarantee our knowledge and experience in the implementation and development of campaigns in Google Adwords.

Ad campaigns on Social Networks

At Supermedia Studio we don’t stop: the experts who integrate Supermedia Studio are also specialized in specific campaigns in the different Business Managers of each social network. Increase the range of your

social media posts through campaigns tailored to your target audience on each platform based on your KPIs.

At Supermedia Studio we offer you:

– Campaign design: We guarantee the launch of campaigns according to your budget, divided into Ad sets for the different keywords.

– Design of attractive and visual ads: We create Ads that also work as sales representatives for your brand, attracting the best consumers to your website.

– Creation of copywriting adapted to each social network. We speak the language of the users of the main social networks and we know how to reach them.

Daily analysis

We manage our clients’ accounts and perform daily analysis of campaign results in order to optimize bids and budgets to achieve the highest possible ROI.

From Supermedia Studio we invite you to contact our marketing agency in Spain if you want to increase your web visits through SEM campaigns.

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