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Anyone who, either with the intention of investing in the real estate market on the Costa del Sol or to acquire a plot of land in order to build a home for personal use, should consider among their priorities the consultation with a qualified technician, mainly an architect, about the urban conditions of the property of their desire.

The role of the Architect in Marbella

he architect acts, in this case, as the professional on whom the buyer’s trust can be placed. Not only does he or she have the necessary qualifications for this advice, but can also help by providing objective recommendations and points of view on the asset to be purchased.

By having an exhaustive knowledge of the area through the execution of numerous projects, both private and for public administrations, it allows us to focus on a high level of detail in the conclusions of the study, placing special emphasis on the urban viability of the project so that any investment has absolute support and security in this field, and providing our experience to honestly expose the positive or negative points that the property may have so that the investor, in turn, can make their decision fully informed.

In addition, when the architect is based on the Costa del Sol, it is beneficial to be able to accompany the client to the property to assess it in terms of surrounding market conditions, orientations, capturing views, topographical and geotechnical conditions, etc.

The importance of architectural design and 3D infographics

Once the decision on the asset has been taken, the architect’s work becomes more personal in that we have to know the client’s needs in as much detail as possible in order to faithfully reflect them in the project to be drawn up and make it a unique and personal result.

Once this process has been followed, it is time to capture the future project in the client’s mind through design and 3D architectural infographics. Thanks to this complex task that requires in-depth knowledge of 3D design, it is possible to make the client see their future project in a clear way.

At Supermedia Studio we are proud to have experienced 3D infographics professionals on the Costa del Sol, who are capable of transporting our clients directly into the future. Do not hesitate to contact our marketing agency in Marbella if you would like to see what your finished house will look like before the work is completed.

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