Marketing Agency providing computer systems services in Marbella

Why is it important to have a good computing systems provider?

Nowadays, the dependence on the information system in the company is vital. A large number of the actions we take, are carried out using computers. Therefore, it is increasingly important to have a company that provides advice for future decision making in everything related to the information system, to avoid data loss and also to be knowledgeable about the current system so that the resolution of problems is fast.

At Supermedia Studio we have professionals with more than 20 years of experience providing computing systems services in Marbella, with two clearly differentiated modalities. On the one hand, those companies that choose to pay a fixed monthly fee with a fixed rate of support hours, both face-to-face and remote, and displacements. On the other hand, those who require occasional support because their activity requires less assistance, in this case they would only pay for the service provided.

Speed is essential when it comes to solving your company’s computing systems problems.

For this reason, at Supermedia Studio we have an emergency service with a special rate for clients who do not have maintenance. For those who have maintenance service, it is included in the service contract.

If you can’t wait, we can.

We have the human resources to make sure you are the first to receive assistance. We know how important your work is.

The importance of a computing systems study before hiring a computer maintenance service in Marbella

In order to be able to assist you quickly and optimally, it is necessary that we have knowledge of your information system, for which we carry out an audit of your systems previous to the contracting of services. We will provide you with detailed documentation of your software and hardware inventory, as well as a detailed report of your protection/security system, backups, web and mail management.

Supermedia Studio’s computer systems professionals will then recommend a series of improvements if necessary to avoid future problems, with a detailed and non-binding quote, always at the company’s discretion. Once the most critical recommended actions have been carried out, we will establish the framework for working together with an on-demand service or maintenance service.

Description of the most important computing systems services in Marbella provided by Supermedia Studio.

AyuWe help to monitor, manage, maintain and plan your computer systems, as well as support your team in using these systems. We configure and monitor all critical components of your network (computers, servers, storage devices, firewalls, routers, access points, NAS, cloud backups, VPNS, etc).

Details of some of our services:

1. Servers

Configuracion, montaje y mantenimiento de servidores preventivo y reactivo. Mantenimiento de programas específicos de cada empresa y diseño de sistemas anti-desastre.

2. Personalised assistance. Face-to-face, remote and by telephone

Problem resolution at home, by telephone or remotely via internet.

3. Local backups

If you are affected by a virus, you will be able to recover the information from your backup copies.

4. Cloud backups

If you are hit by a virus or fire, your data is safe as it is off-site and can be recovered.

5. Network devices

Installation of networks, configuration of wifi access points, switches and plcs. Configuration and monitoring of backup and disaster recovery systems.

6. Diagnosis

Diagnosticamos su ordenador, tablet, smartphone o su red para identificar y resolver fallos de hardware o vulnerabilidades y optimizamos su rendimiento.

7. Disk replacement and data recovery

We replace your hard disk to increase size or speed and recover data from physically damaged disks.

8. Maintenance

Don’t wait for your business to come to a standstill because you haven’t carried out the appropriate preventive actions, you don’t have to spend your time on it. Supermedia Studio will take care of protecting and supervising your computing systems so that you can focus exclusively on your business.