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At your Marketing agency in Marbella Supermedia Studio, we are specialists in SEO positioning and optimization. We understand that SEO is a long-term process and we apply the best techniques depending on each client and the characteristics of the market. We analyze the daily process in order to optimize budgets and achieve the best results with the least investment.

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is a constant optimization process based on certain factors that ease the visibility of your website. Through SEO, you will increase the ranking of your website in search engines and improve the visitor’s user experience. Thanks to the positioning techniques of organic SEO,

the sites with search engine optimization occupy a more relevant position. The objective is to be in the SERP, the first page of results, and if possible among the first three.


Without content, there is no marketing. Therefore, it is essential to generate content that follows a previously defined SEO positioning strategy: blog post, infographics, press releases or content for social networks. Everything must be focused on the user.

Analysis and evolution

SEO positioning is a process that must be carried out day by day. After the definition of the strategy and the implementation of the SEO positioning mechanisms, the measurement and analysis of results is necessary. SEO is a living organism in which the redefinition and feeding of the strategy, to adapt it to new external situations, becomes the fundamental element that will make the brand successful.

At our Marketing agency in Marbella we are committed to transparency, so below we will advise you five keys to improve your SEO:

A common but damaging mistake is the use of underscores in your page URLs. Many programmers use underscores when creating the web because they are widely used in the programming language. The solution is to use hyphens in these cases.

❌ Wrong! ​

✅ Right! ​

This SEO error is directly related to the intention of adding keywords in the domain thinking that this way your page will rank quickly. We’re sorry to disappoint you, but Google has released an update where adding keywords in the domain no longer benefits.

If you have quality content, it is not necessary to add keywords in the domain. Remember that the most successful brands do not have keywords in the domain, such as Amazon or YouTube.

It is true that Google is now giving more importance than ever to content. However, a web page must be useful to the user. If a person accesses your website and finds low-quality content created solely for the purpose of adding keywords, their bounce rate will increase and they will possibly be penalized by Google.

Rank the contents. Continuing with the example of brown coats, the correct action would be:

  • Choose the theme well. That is, if we have a section dedicated to children’s brown coats there should not be one for boys and one for girls.
  • Use folders well to organize information, as if it were an office. That is, the correct thing would be to have a main folder and within it subdivide the contents into other folders, such that:

Main folder
/ brown-coats /

Second folders
/ brown-coats / brown-coats-man/
/ brown-coats / brown-coats-woman/
/ brown-coats / brown-coats-boy/
/ brown-coats / brown-coats-girl /

– Following this example, Google will identify our main / brown-coats / folder as the most important and position it.

Many times there are cases in which a page is positioning very well for a keyword and suddenly falls into the void, why? One of the reasons may be because several pages have been created with the same keyword with the intention of positioning them all. Wrong!.

In this case, it is better to focus the page on that keyword and create useful and original content for it.

Let’s see an example:

We want to position ‘’ brown coats ’’ and we have created all these pages
– Brown coats
– Brown coats for men
– Brown coats for women
– Brown coats for boys
– Brown coats for girls
– Children’s brown coats
This is a clear example of keyword cannibalization. In this case, Google will not know which of your pages dedicated to brown coats is the most important, so it will surely decide that none of your pages about brown coats is important.

The idea of the tags is to group the content of the same subject in the same place to contribute to the organization of the web. However, this element has been used to add keywords and try to rank the page. The only result you will have from this is creating a huge amount of duplicate content.

The best option is to use the right words to classify the content. Think that if you have already added the keyword in the title, what is the point of adding a tag exactly the same word?

In Supermedia Studio we can help you solve these SEO problems and many more thanks to our specialized in digital marketing team. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions related to SEO positioning.

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