Digital Toolkit — leading Marbella’s digital transformation

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Due to the COVID crisis, restaurants and cafeterias had to take many hygiene and prevention measures. For example, menus went from their traditional paper version to digital documents that appear on our smartphones through QR codes. It was a necessary step to make people prevent contact with objects touched by many others. Indeed, we talk … Read more

360 Marketing – Meaning, advantages and examples in Marbella

360 marketing

  360 Marketing – what is it, what does its cross-sector power mean & how does Supermedia Studio make the most out of it?   Marketing is definitely on fire. Both worldwide and for our local marketing in Marbella. The fight for distinction and engagement has become even more competitive, multi-device and crowded than it … Read more

Unveiling the Next Chapter: Supermedia Studio Expands Its Horizon in Marbella!

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Exciting times are upon us at Supermedia Studio, your trusted digital marketing partner in Marbella! We’re thrilled to share the news of our recent growth, fueled by the dedication of our team and the unwavering support of our clients. As we embark on this new chapter, we’re proud to introduce a valuable addition to our … Read more

How does AI influence marketing?

IA y Marketing

Supermedia Studio, leading digital marketing agency in Marbella, is pleased to write a few lines about artificial intelligence in the marketing sector.     It is no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing many business sectors. In this article, we will talk about how AI is specifically influencing the content marketing sector and how … Read more

Digital Marketing terms in Spain

We are sure you have heard many times about digital marketing, but are you really familiar with its vocabulary and terms? Today we teach you 3o digital marketing terms that we use on a daily basis at Supermedia Studio, Marketing agency in Marbella. Everything you should know about digital marketing in Spain.   Engagement: The … Read more