chatbot for business

Chatbot for business

What is a chatbot in Spain


With the rise of technology, companies are opting for new strategies and methods to be more competitive in Spain. At our marketing agency in Marbella we want to advise you on marketing tools that help companies to improve their performance in Spain, like chatbot for business.

Chatbots for business help to increase productivity, reducing effort and costs. The use of this technology in your company allows you to create an effective and permanent customer service (24 hours / 7 days). Responding to customer queries has become essential for businesses.

A chatbot is a digital assistant capable of much more than simply answering customer queries. They can make reservations, inquire about the status of an issue, and provide a wealth of information about your business whenever you need it, without any manual effort.

They not only provide information about a product, but also make suggestions based on the user’s previous searches. Helping customers meet their needs means generating more conversion rate in Spain.



5 benefits that chatbots for business can offer companies in Spain

Customer communication should exist in all areas of any business, including sales, marketing and customer service. If your company is slow to make the interaction seamless, customers will not be satisfied and that will negatively affect the business.

An alternative to consider when it comes to improving communication is the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered chatbots, as they help the company improve its presence by automating customer communication. It is becoming increasingly common to see companies incorporating chatbots to improve their communication strategy and provide a better customer experience.

In the past, chatbots were a tool without many benefits and with almost no useful functionality (besides being slow and with constant failures), but today they are important and common tools in the business world in Spain.

24/7 availability

Customers do not have to wait for the next available operator when interacting with your company through chatbots adapted as part of the communication strategy. They accompany the customer 24 hours a day. When your chatbot is available around the clock, it supports your customers even on weekends. If a question is sent to an employee outside office hours, a message can be sent for customer service to respond by email on the next business day. If this happens during business hours, the live chat could start immediately.

A chatbot for business in Spain increase sales

If you can get the right information and help to your potential customers at the right time, you can easily increase your sales. A chatbot advises and assists users by providing the required information or indicating the right offers.

In this way, the company can react instantly to customer queries and respond to them much faster.

Brings your company closer to you

Chatbots can help introduce your company to your customers. In fact, the chatbot is the most immediate first point of contact with your business, compared to email or telephone. Interactions through a chatbot have a great influence on the user experience and are decisive in the way users perceive the interaction.

Gain insight into your customer’s behaviour

Another benefit of chatbots for businesses is the information you can gain about customer behaviour. You can gain valuable insights into your business strategy from the questions customers typically ask, the problems they tend to have, and the most popular products and services mentioned in chats. With this information, it is also possible to optimise your content strategy based on customer interactions. You can analyse what exactly your customers want based on their geographic scope, age, interests…


The most common uses of chatbot for business in marketing in Spain

Marketing: lead generation, product consulting, increasing interaction, data collection.

Customer service: answering frequently asked questions and support.

Sales: Lead qualification. Support throughout the sales funnel.

HR: Support in staff development and on-boarding.

IT service helpdesk: support for internal and external service desk applications.
service desk applications.


Did you know all the benefits that a chatbot can bring to your company? If you want to continue discovering all its uses, do not hesitate to follow our blog and contact our digital marketing experts in Marbella.



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