Good branding strategy in Spain

Have you been thinking about how to create a good branding strategy? First of all, you should be clear that branding is the process of building, growing, expanding and strengthening a brand.

A branding strategy in Spain

Branding in Spain is made up of all the elements that surround a brand and that will build its own unique identity. At Supermedia Studio, digital marketing agency in Marbella, we are experts in branding in Malaga, and we explain how it works.

Elements of branding


  • Naming

The name is the main element, as it is what we use to identify the company, product or service. You must create a name that identifies your brand and is unique.


It is the symbol that will identify your brand, which will remain in the consumer’s mind. It is a key aspect when creating your branding strategy in Spain.


  • Corporate colours

You should choose a characteristic colour that is associated with brand recognition. We recommend that depending on the emotion you want to convey, you take into account the psychology of colour.


  • Communication channels

Choose the media through which to connect with consumers: social networks, web, blog, email or other traditional media.


Set of values and emotions you want to associate your brand with.


  • Slogan

It is the phrase that summarises the fundamental purpose of the brand. It plays a reminder and positioning role for consumers.


  • Product characteristics

The shape, texture, smell and all the specific characteristics that make a certain product unique are elements of branding. The desired result is a sensory experience that builds customer loyalty.


  • Audio Branding

People remember more what they hear than what they see, which is why it is very interesting to create a sound identity for your brand. It is one of the elements that works the most in the subconscious.


  • Brand experience

It covers everything from the first moment to the after-sales service. Creating a brand experience will determine whether or not a consumer buys your product.


create a good branding strategy in spain


How to create a good branding strategy in Spain


  • First of all, you need a solid corporate strategy.
  • Define the positioning of your brand by making a preliminary study of the competition.
  • Design a simple, attractive and visual logo that can be adapted to different media and that transmits the brand spirit.
  • Define the best communication channels to connect with your target consumers.
  • Use branded content, i.e. generate branded content that connects with the consumer.
  • Connect with the desires and expectations of your target audience. The purpose of branding in Spain is to make your products the only solution to meet these needs.
  • Have the ability to respond to these desires in the short, medium and long term.
  • Have the capacity to remain in people’s minds over time.
  • Generate economic value.
  • Adapt to the constantly changing environment.


The power of brands is becoming increasingly important as consumers receive multiple commercial impacts on a daily basis. They are becoming more informed and more demanding. Therefore, it is necessary to transmit your brand through marketing campaigns with a unique personality and attributes.


The objective of branding is to generate long-term relationships with consumers. Differentiating your products from those of your competitors and building reputation and trust are key to brand wealth.


Follow our advice at SuperMedia Studio, your marketing agency in Marbella, and create a solid branding that will ensure your brand stays in the minds of consumers.


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