Google Analytics for Business


google analytics for business


Google Analytics for business in Spain


Google Analytics is a free web analysis tool from Google. It provides aggregated information on traffic to websites according to audience, acquisition, behaviour and conversions that take place on the website. This is one of the most widely used tools in digital marketing.

It has two versions, one free for use in all types of business and the other commercial, more powerful for large organisations.


What is it for?

The aim of this tool was to complement other Google tools such as Ads, Google Search Console and AdSense, so that together they would support each other and the data would be centralised in Analytics. Currently its main function is to measure the impact of your website and the behaviour of your users.


What does it do for us?

Knowing our users: knowing what they like and dislike, their age, gender, location, whether they use a computer or a smartphone, how they found your website… Thanks to this you can create personalised campaigns and your buyer persona (fictitious representation of an ideal customer).

Track your SEO and SEM strategy, so you will know if your online strategy is working or not or if it needs to be modified.

Make strategic decisions for your business based on the data obtained.

Measure interactions: you will be able to see which buttons are clicked to subscribe, watch videos, download content, request information.

It can also alert you to technical or design problems on your website, for example, if you have a free e-book on your site that has many views, but no one downloads it, there may be an error that prevents you from completing the action.

  • Landing pages and navigation.
  • Google Ads data.
  • Google Search Console data.
  • Google AdSense data.
  • Multidomain measurement.
  • Tracking the website and all its pages, i.e. a complete web analysis to know if your users navigate easily through the web, if it loads correctly, if the images take a long time to download or not, etc.

In a constantly changing world such as the Internet and digital marketing, it is essential to know what this tool is for. Google Analytics data will help you to know if your online campaigns are optimal or not, if you are achieving the pre-set objectives or how your customers are acting online.


How does it work?

Now that you know what Google Analytics is and what it’s for, the second step is to know how to use it. Read on!

Like all analytics tools, it works thanks to a file that you place in your browsers.

Google Analytics works with a tracking code that is a small part of the JavaScript code that must be present on all the pages of your website. Also important are the cookies that users have to accept for it to work poperly.

First of all, you have to create a Google Analytics account and register.

Follow the steps, if you select the web option you have to configure the property by providing the name of the website, the URL, the category of the sector to which your business belongs and the reporting time zone.

Accept the Google Analytics terms of service for the country you are in and data protection.

Finally, Google Analytics will return the tracking code that you will have to paste in the first <HEAD> element in all the web pages where you want to track.

And that’s it!


If you are looking to get the most out of your website or your application from SuperMedia Studio we recommend you to use this web analytics tool, contact our professionals and get the most out of your business.