Online reputation in social media in Spain

Supermedia Studio, digital marketing agency in Marbella, talks to you about online reputation in social media in Spain and how to work your brand presence in these marketing tools in Spain.

What is online reputation in social media

Online reputation is the set of elements that represent the prestige of a person or, in this case, of an online brand. This image is created by the users/consumers themselves, so it is important to take care of it.

Online reputation in Spain is the sum of two complementary aspects: on the one hand, internal factors, which is the information provided by the company itself; and on the other, external factors, which is the information provided by other users, consumers or visitors.

Brands are exposed to a balance of both positive and negative comments from customers and users which, at the same time, are necessary for their brand to be relevant and to be talked about.

Given the impossibility of preventing consumers from talking and giving their opinion, the only thing left to do is do things right and try to be cautious, taking into account some tips that we discuss below:

Preventing online reputation crisis in Spain

  • Don’t ignore a user or a mention. It costs a lot to be visible, so if you receive a positive mention and especially if it is negative, the community manager must send a response quickly.
  • Monitor everything. Use tools such as Google Alerts to keep track of all the comments your followers write about you, as well as mentions of your brand both on and off social media.
  • Beware of trolls and haters. Respond in a neutral and positive way. However, if there are any sensitive areas, acknowledge your mistake and turn that feedback into a lesson for the future.
  • Do active listening to gain ambassadors who will spread your brand to an unlimited field of potential customers.
  • Be aware of possible community manager mistakes. The most common mistakes are confusing someone’s name, spelling mistakes or writing from the professional account instead of the personal one when posting.
  • Draw up a crisis plan or contingency plan for social networks. This is a document that sets out the plan for a reputation crisis on social networks and serves as a guide for action. It should answer the following questions:

When do I consider that I am having a crisis?
What scenarios are possible?
Who will respond to each type of crisis?
What kind of messaging will you use to manage the crisis?
What will be the response time?

Managing crisis on social media in Spain

If, despite having tried to prevent it, you find yourself in a social media crisis situation in Spain, our marketing experts in Marbella recommends you to react quickly but calmly by following a few steps:

Analyse the situation

  • When did the social media crisis start in Spain?
  • Why?
  • Does it affect the whole of your brand or just part of it?
  • Are other customers joining the conversation, who are they supporting?
  • Is there a hashtag being used?
  • Is it localised to just one social network or several?
  • How does it affect the company?

Don’t be hasty. It is important to be quick but rushing could be worse.

If you think you can involve more people, try to talk privately with the person concerned to get more details. But be careful to choose your words carefully so as not to hold the brand responsible.

Contact the person who will respond according to the previously developed social media crisis plan in Spain.

Do not delete the comment unless there are insults and disrespectful words, otherwise you may give an impression of censorship towards the opinion of a customer or follower.

Be transparent and apologise if you have to, giving explanations or offering alternatives to solve the problem. Follow up on the crisis in case the conversation is rekindled and monitor keywords of conflict.

Learn from your mistakes and incorporate the data you have obtained from this crisis into your social media crisis plan to help you in future situations.

Finally, we must not forget that behind every click there is a person and that online reputation crisis in Spain involve several factors for which the company must be prepared.


Do not wait until you are involved in one of them to plan how to act. This could lead you to make mistakes and lose customers. Contact our social media experts in Marbella at Supermedia Studio, markeitng agency in Marbella, Malaga.