Error 500 of a website: How to fix it.

When the word ‘Error’ appears followed by a number on a web page it means that something is not going completely right, it is usually something relatively common but it can be very annoying if we do not manage to solve it. There are multiple ways for the system to warn us that an error is occurring, including the famous 502 error, 503 error and 504 error, as well as the Gateway time-out text. Read on to find out by our web designer in Marbella, what a error 500 of a website is and how to fix it.


error 500 of a website


What does error 500 of a website mean?

Error 500 – Internal server error, is one of the most common HTTP status codes. If this text appears on a web page, it means that an error has occurred when trying to access the server, but the system is unable to give further details of what specifically went wrong.


This type of error is also known as Internal Server Error, Temporary Error (500), 500 Internal Server Error, Error 5xx or 500 Error.


This error is due to a programming problem or because a change has been made to the web template or theme of the site. This makes it difficult for the server to identify all elements of a website.


Detecting an Error 500 in spain in time is essential to be able to correct it before the problems in loading the page spread to all tabs. In addition, it is something that will put users off because they will think that the website is not secure, thus losing readers and web positioning.


Solving an Error 500 in Spain

The way to solve this error is different depending on the property of the website, as we will see below:


Fixing Error 500 on a third-party website in Spain

It is likely that error 500 is due to an external problem over which we have no control, so the browser warns us with this message to let us know that something is happening. In this case we will have to follow the following steps to fix this HTTP system in spain error:


First, reload the page with the shortcut “F5 or Cntrl + R”. This solution may be the simplest, simply wait a while to try to refresh the page again, as it is possible that there is a task being carried out at the same time that is preventing you from entering the web at that moment.


Another option to consider is clearing the browser cache. If you have already entered the website several times and all you see is the message Error 500, it is possible that the website is cached on your computer. To solve this problem, try going into incognito mode.


Cookies can also be a problem, it is possible that we have stored too many cookies in the browser and even if we delete them they continue to accumulate. Try deleting all unnecessary cookies, close the browser and reopen it.


Solving Error 500 on our website in Spain

This HTTP code error can be caused by many internal causes, so the solutions are also multiple. One of the main causes of this error is because the website does not have the necessary permissions to access a folder or file and has restricted access.


Another very common cause is the PHP timeout. It is possible that the connection to some web resource exceeds the timeout and consequently the text Error 500 will appear. The solution is very simple: refresh the page with the shortcut mentioned above and wait for it to run normally.


It is possible that the .htaccess code is incorrect and prevents the file from executing correctly. To fix this you can upload a copy of the file that is giving problems. If you do not have a copy, you will need to upload or regenerate a new .htaccess file. Don’t forget to save the specific rules that you are told will be needed for that particular file type.


If you have tried all of these methods to fix Error 500, but it still tells you that something has gone wrong, don’t panic. This error is quite common and it is only a matter of time before it stops appearing.


From SuperMedia Studio, digital marketing in Marbella, we hope this post has been useful if you encounter this type of error so frequent. If you have any doubt, we invite you to contact our marketing experts in Marbella, we will be happy to help you!