Influencer marketing: How to build your strategy


Traditional marketing tactics are losing their effectiveness. Today’s consumers conduct in-depth research before making purchases. Brands need marketing strategies that help them gain the trust of their consumers. Influencer marketing is one such approach that can help you gain the trust of your audience while generating a high return on investment.

An influencer’s audience has a high level of trust and consumers follow their advice. As a result, they can help increase conversions and lead generation in Spain. Read on to find out what influencer marketing is and how to run effective influencer marketing campaigns in Spain.

Using influencer marketing for lead generation in Spain


Focus on micro-influencers

A large following is not necessarily better when it comes to finding the right influencers for your business. It’s best to make sure the influencer is aligned with your business and has a large active following.

Micro-influencers have higher engagement rates than larger influencers. They are able to develop more intimate ties with their followers as they have a smaller number of followers. As a result, they are considered more relatable.

Macro or mega influencers have a large following, but their number of engaged followers is minimal. Their followers are also less willing to follow their advice.

These influencers can help you reach a large audience but will not help you generate leads. It is more difficult to build a following when you have a wider audience.


How to find microinfluencers

To be successful, you need to work with the right microinfluencers in your industry. Choose microinfluencers who match your aesthetic sensibilities and are connected to your values.

For example, if a DIY influencer starts advertising cosmetic products without warning, their followers will be surprised and may unfollow them. On the other hand, loyal followers will believe him regardless of his content.

For effective influencer marketing campaigns in Spain, SocialPubli can help you locate and connect with the most relevant influencers. To find influencers who can bring you the best results, you can filter by category, reach, engagement and a variety of other factors.


Influencer marketing guide

An effective microinfluencer campaign in Spain takes a lot of time and work to execute. You may need to work with several influencers at once to achieve long-term success and produce a large number of quality leads.

Influencers have a deeper understanding of your consumers and are aware of the type of material that will pique their interest in your product. Make sure your influencers know your brand’s goals and expectations. Then let them express themselves and use their imagination.

One of the key features of influencer marketing that distinguishes it from traditional marketing is its authenticity. Authenticity is in demand now more than ever. Both you and the influencer will lose the trust of your respective audiences if the product and/or service does not ring true. You need to be authentic and be able to identify and stimulate the attention of your target audience.


Use influencer reviews

When influencers talk, their fans pay attention. This is due to the fact that influencers are seen as real, trusted and authentic. If an influencer gives a positive review of your company, product or service on social media, be sure to promote it widely.

When your company is featured in a blog post, you can also entice influencers to write favourable reviews by providing free samples, soliciting affiliate links or discount coupons.

The influencer may also receive a share of sales as a result of these links, cementing the company-influencer relationship.


Take advantage of Instagram

Posting attractive and relevant images on this highly visual social network is an ideal way to attract the attention of potential customers.

Instagram influencer marketing is a common method of lead generation in Spain used by many businesses today. On Instagram, it is possible to work with influencers to create leads through reviews, giveaways, discounts and even Instagram stories.

Now that you know the benefits of creating an influencer marketing campaign, it’s important to come up with compelling reasons for your influencers to collaborate with your brand and stay engaged. Focus on building meaningful connections with them. As a result, your brand will be more likely to generate leads.


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