How to remove Google My Business reviews in Spain

How to remove Google My Business reviews for your business in Spain


If your business in Spain has negative reviews on Google My Business, in this article, our Marbella Marketing experts will explain some possible ways to remove reviews from Google My Business. Having negative reviews is something that can significantly affect the reputation of your business.


Fortunately, having a negative review is not necessarily a definitive thing. Google is aware that many of these reviews are unfounded or are the work of competitors, which is why it provides users with a number of tools to help them make complaints. Let’s see how it works.


How to remove Google My Business reviews


Why remove negative reviews from Google My Business in Spain?


The vast majority of people who use the internet regularly look at the reviews that other users leave on businesses. In order to know what to expect or get a similar experience, a negative review can discourage anyone from using the services of a certain company.

If you are looking for a photographer in Marbella for your wedding and on the professional’s Google My Business you find comments that they offer bad experiences or that they are not competent in their profession, you will probably end up looking for another professional.


How to remove reviews from Google my Business in Spain?


Working well and providing good customer service is the main way to avoid negative reviews, but this is not always the case. Some reviews are caused by misunderstandings or are carried out covertly by competitors in order to gain customers.

Therefore, our marketing agency in Marbella points out that no matter how hard you try to get good reviews on Google, you will receive an unfavourable Google review at some point. The first step in removing negative Google reviews in Spain is to contact the person who wrote the review.


Contacting the person who wrote the review in Google


Contacting the user and asking them to modify the review or remove it is one option. This option may not be as straightforward, as when the review is fake it is impossible to contact the customer in question.


However, if you are able to contact them via social media or any other method, you may be able to better understand the reason for the review and try to resolve the issue further.


Our marketing expert in Spain advises you to do some research on the user to see how old they are or if they have posted other kinds of reviews. If you still suspect that it is a fake review, you will have to go for other options.


Flag the Google review as inappropriate


This is one of the ways to bring the problem with the review to Google’s attention. Fortunately, it is possible to reply to the customer, either to defend yourself against the accusation or to inform them that you really do not know their name among your customers.

Once you have responded to the review by stating that it is false, you can mark the review as inappropriate and then just wait for Google to act.


Contacting Google Spain directly


As you can imagine, Google has millions of requests every day, so they are often overwhelmed. This directly affects the time it can take to verify the veracity of the previous review you flagged as inappropriate.


If you don’t want to wait or think it takes too long, our SEO expert in Spain advises you to try contacting Google directly via their contact form. Explain in detail the reason for the contact and the basis of the allegations and Google may take action. The outcome is not guaranteed, but if Google Spain finds any indication that the account that posted the review is fake, they will have no qualms about removing that account and with it all reviews.

In the same way that Google is not interested in a negative review that is a lie, it is not interested in an unfounded positive review either.


Get more positive reviews on Google


If none of the above options work, the best thing to do is to try to hide the fake review with several positive reviews.


Incentivise your customers to leave a review of your business, and this way no one will care if you have one negative review, but a hundred positive ones. The problem is more serious when negative reviews are the only ones that dominate Google My Business, so positive reviews can help you enough.


We hope that from now on you will give your Google My Business listing the importance it deserves, as it is your letter of introduction to future customers. Contact our digital marketing agency in Spain. Our SEO experts in Marbella, will advise you to boost your business by working on local SEO.