Working as a Community Manager in Spain

Are you thinking about working as a community manager? Our marketing agency in Marbella, has professional experts in the sector, who will explain in detail what their role consists of.


Working as a Community Manager


What is a Community Manager in Spain?

The Community Manager is a digital marketing professional responsible for the management and development of the online community of a brand or company in the digital world. He or she is popularly known as the social media professional.

Their function is to create and maintain stable and lasting relationships with their clients, their fans and, in general, with any user interested in the brand.


What does a Community Manager do?

If you want to work as a community manager in Marbella, you first need to know what they do:

Creation and management of content on social networks.
Optimising brand visibility in the digital world.
Generate quality web traffic that increases conversions.
Establishing relationships with clients, opinion leaders and influencers in the sector.
Analytics and monitoring of all strategic parameters. Engagement, ROI, web traffic, etc.
Planning the digital marketing strategy on social networks.
Establish and record the number of visits to the landing page as a result of the management of the networks.


Functions of a Community Manager in Spain

Supermedia Studio, experts in social media in Marbella, explains the main functions and characteristics of a community manager:

Paying attention to the corporate environment

The community manager in Spain, must detect the opportunities and threats of the environment and pay attention to the competition to use this information both internally to the brand and to the users.


Communicate relevant information to the company

The CM transfers the information previously collected to the different departments in order to carry out the different strategies (sales, design or marketing, among others).


Communicating with the online community

The community manager is the voice of the brand online. Therefore, he/she is responsible for attracting visitors, disseminating content and responding to any situation that may arise on social networks.


Identify opinion leaders

A CM has to know how to identify and create links with people or groups that have the capacity to drive dissemination strategies.


Converting users into ambassadors

The community manager must be aware of which are the users who interact most with the brand in order to contact them and establish a possible collaboration network, and thus turn them into brand ambassadors. Follow the actions established in the marketing plan to ensure the success of the strategy.


What skills do you need to work as a community manager


The functions of a community manager are essential for a brand so it is necessary to have specific training and skills to work as a community manager correctly and professionally.



They must have the communication skills to be able to respond appropriately to comments, criticisms and questions that may arise, as well as impeccable spelling and grammar.



The most requested training for these professionals is: Degree or training in marketing, communication, advertising and public relations.



The tasks a CM will perform will depend on the size of the company. In general, they will simultaneously perform tasks ranging from conversion generation strategies, to text editing, content production, graphic design, copywriting, editing, etc.



This is one of the fundamental skills in this profession, as the community manager in Spain usually has to be available to attend to the brand outside the established working hours.



A professional community manager must be passionate about communication, willing to be in permanent contact with the public and act as a bridge between the company and the environment.


Community Manager Methodology in Spain

Like all digital marketing professionals, the figure of the community manager requires a correct methodology to implement:



Acting in good faith, having good judgement, maintaining a professional stance with no intention of harming another company or person.


Good practices

Applying all the actions of the different documents that include the good practices of the community manager.


Style guide

It is essential for each brand to have its own tone and not assume that of the community manager. That is to say, to have and follow a style guide that reflects the tone of the messages that are going to be used, the types of fonts, the graphic style, the type of language, etc.


From Supermedia Studio, marketing agency Marbella, we hope we have shed a ray of light on the importance of the figure of the community manager and that you decide to have one of these professionals to boost your business on social networks.

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